Our Services

As we believe that the simplest idea is the best idea, we continuously put effort on developing/enhancing applications so as to make them handy and user friendly. We provide services involving, but not limited to the following technologies:

Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer  

Do not through your ideas. Get the right protection at the right time!

With the help of our experienced IP professionals, we can provide you satisfactory services in the following domain:   

1- Patent Drafting and filing 

2- Patent searching

3- Landscape studies

Software services
General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Unit using NVIDIA CUDA & OpenCL

If your customer is demanding more speed that too at a lower power budget and at a competitive price, we have a simple yet effective solution; porting your already written code to Graphical Processing Units. We have already accelerated a number of applications (sometime by a factor of 100 and even more) and currently our R & D team is involved in accelerating applications such as Virus Scanners, Data Clustering, Data Encryption, Face Recognition, Image Processing, Artificial Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm, Computational Finance, finding counter examples in Mathematical conjectures and linear Algebra.

Game Development in OpenGL

Computer gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds in past decade. Thanks to the development in Gaming APIs one can now experience the jaw dropping realism even on handheld devices such as Apple iPad. Our OpenGL team has proven experience working on successful game out-sourcing projects.

Objective C and OpenGL for iPad/iPhone Application Development

Apple's iPad Application's market is the largest among all the handheld applications. Keeping in mind this we have ventured into this market. Our applications will soon be available on Apple iPad application Store. We also work on customized projects giving economical solutions to our clients.

Other Technologies include C, C++, Java, .NET , Flash

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We offer valuable solution at highly affordable price. Also as usual we put more effort in keeping things simple because we believe that the simplest idea is the best idea. Send enquiries at info@hbeongpgpu.com