Objective C for iPad/ iPhone Application Development

The training involves 90% practical hands-on training on our live projects. The detailed syllabus is as under:

iPhone/ iPad Training Syllabus

Part 1 (Beginners)

Introduction to iphone.

  • Xcode
  • iphone simulator.
  • Interface Builder.
  • Instruments.
  • Architecture of the iphone OS.
  • Lab Exercise .
2) Writing the First hello world application Use of interface Builder (Lab Exercise)

3) Refresher to C and C++ .(Lab Exercise not included)

4) iphone SDK Programming with Objective C.9 Lab Exercise )
  • Objects, Classes, and Messaging
  • Defining a Class.
  • Allocating and Initializing Objects
  • Protocols
  • Declared Properties
  • Categories and Extensions
  • Associative References
  • Fast Enumeration
  • Enabling Static Behavior
  • Selectors
  • Exception Handling
  • Threading
  • Remote Messaging
  • Memory Management
3) UIApplication and application delegate
  • Adding a UIView and UIViewController to a UIApplicationDelegate
  • Connecting UIWindow, UIApplication,and UIApplicationDelegate
  • Handling Application life cycle.
  • Application Interruptions.
4)UIView and UIView Controller
  • UIView Class
  • UIView Controller Class
  • View Based Application Template
  • IBOutlet and IBAction
  • UIViewController and Application life Cycle Events.
  • Exploring the views.
  • Alert View
  • Action sheet
  • Page Control and Image View
  • Grouping the view using the segmented Control.
  • Adding view Dynamically using codes.
  • Switching the Views.
    • Animating the transition
    • Passing Data B/w Views
5) UIControls
  • Modifying buttons
  • Understanding the UIToolbar
  • Understanding the UISlider and UISwitch
  • Understanding UITextField and UITextArea
  • Understanding using a UIWebView
  • Using a UIDatePicker to select dates
  • Using a UIPickerView to select values
  • Using a UIPickerView with multiple components
  • Using a UIPickerView with UIImageView
  • Using simple NSNotifications
6) UITabBar and UITabBar Controller
  • Understanding tab bars
  • Using the tab bar Application template
  • Creating an Application that uses a tab bar
  • Adding tabs to a tab bar
  • Customizing a tab bar
  • Tab Bar Application
7) UINavigationBar and UINavigationController
  • Understanding a UINavigationBar, UINavigationController, and a UINavigationItem
  • Understanding how to use a navigation bar in a simple application
  • Understanding how to programmatically manipulate a navigation bars items
  • Adding a navigation bar to a tab in a tabbed application
8) UITableView and TableView Controller.
  • Understanding table views
  • Understanding table view delegates
  • Understanding table view data sources
  • Grouping and indexing table rows
  • Selecting table rows
  • Modifying table appearance
  • Using a table in a navigation controller
  • Editing a rows
Part 2 ( Intermidiate level )

Advanced iphone Programming technique

9) Data Storage Using Sqlite3
  • Creating a database and adding data to it
  • Including the database in Xcode
  • Reading from a database
  • Making a database writable
  • Inserting a record
  • Updating a record
  • Deleting a record
10) Core Data
  • Understanding Core Data basics
  • Creating a Core Data model
  • Understanding how to load, fetch, and save a model data.
11) Mini Project
  • Adding Local whether Condition to your Application( Implementing the Core Location , Google whether APIs
  • Game Tennis ( Graphics,Sounds and Simple Artificial Intelligence )
  • Creating a document centric iPhone / iPad application with own file format.
Part 3 Expert Level

12) Programming Multitouch Applications
  • Deleting Touches
  • Detecting Multi-touches.
  • Implementing the Pin Gesture.
  • Implementing the Drag Gesture.
13) Simple Animation
  • Using the NSTimer.
  • Transforming Views.
  • Translation
  • Rotation
  • Scaling.
  • Animating a Series of Images .
14) Camera, Mapkit and Core location
  • Taking out the picture.
  • Finding out the location
15) Major Projects
  • Live projects which we are working on.
1) Tetris using Objective C

Key Point > Besides this we are going to teach many more topics during the iPhone training program.