About Us

We are Research & Development organization and software consulting based in India. In 2008 the company began with an idea of training students and professionals on industry's cutting-edge technologies. Specifically, we started with training programs on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), GPGPU (General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Unit) and Embedded Systems. First of its kind, our training programs proved very effective for the professionals & students involved in research and development activities. The idea was to bridge the gap between academia and industry. 

Also, interacting directly with our clients we learnt what they really want. We promised our customers simplest yet effective solution. Our clients include both Private sector, and Govt. of India. We are serving our clients locally in India as well as in US, Europe, Middle East Countries.

We believe that the simplest Idea is the best idea and that the entities should not be multiplied needlessly; a very useful result in Information Theory known as Occam's rezor or Law of Economy, which has become a basic perspective for those who follow the scientific method.