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 Why use a Graphical  Processing Unit (GPU)?  

Not sure whether to port your applications on a GPU, FPGA, ASICS or continue running your applications on CPU?
Here are some key points you should consider while choosing a GPU :

  • Analyze your algorithms and identify the portion that has parallelism
  • Offload the parallel portion to the GPU having 1000s of processing cores using OpenCL or CUDA; running in parallel these cores can give you amazing performance.
  • A GPU can give you much economical solution, thereby keeping you and your customers happy and satisfied.
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Patent Awareness program attended by Researchers and Students  

  OpenCL workshop

Get trained on iPhone Application development.

If you are looking for a vendor interoperable solution OpenCL (Open Computing Language), supported by Apple, AMD, nVIDIA, and a no. of other industry leaders, is an excellent option.

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Patent Awareness program attended by Researchers and Students

HBeonGpgpu delivered GPU Computing (online) training at NEC Laboratories, USA.

HB Conducted India's First FDP on OpenCL

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Introducing OpenCL Training Program

Download AMD OpenCL University Kit.